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25262Re: [energyresources] Amory Lovins tute request

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  • KSHerron
    Nov 17, 2002
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      Sheila Newman wrote:

      > Folks,
      > Amory Lovins is here on the campaign trail in Australia, audiences with
      > government etc.
      > I've never read more than the odd cliche from him. Would anyone on the Energy
      > Resources forum care to give me a take on his message and model?
      > I'm sure it's not all bad (if somewhat saccharine); I gather that it isn't
      > well costed regarding real alternative energy outlooks. (I may be wrong.)
      > However, is there good to be promoted and what caveats should one add when
      > commenting?
      > Yours in the hope of being spoon fed again.
      > cheers,
      > Sheila Newman


      I recently ran across a non-numerate critique of Lovins' Natural Capitalism by
      the University of
      New South Wales professor Ted Trainer. His critique is titled 'Natural Capitalism

      Challenged' , and can be found at
      Mr. Trainer's general website is www.arts.unsw.edu.au/tsw/01-TSW-Intro.html

      Perhaps you and Mr. Trainer can track down Mr. Lovins during his tour there and
      foster some kind of debate. (I am not assuming that just because you live in
      that you are in proximity to Prof. Trainer)

      Mr. Trainer's point of view is Socialist/anti-capitalist, which, in debate,
      would be an interesting foil to Mr. Lovins.

      Keep in mind Al Bartlett's truism that "For every PhD there is an equal an
      opposite PhD".
      That applies to popular personages such as Mr. Lovins (whose bio at the Rocky
      Institute does not indicate that he has a conventional PhD, which, of course, is
      irrelevent for someone who is highly motivated, intellegent, and knowledgeable)
      and the controversial
      Thomas Gold (whose ideas can be found in earlier postings in the energyresources


      Kimber Herron
      Clarke Co., VA
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