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25248Re: Hydrogen and Solar Energy Question

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  • sushik
    Nov 16, 2002
      --- In energyresources@y..., Ron Patterson <readyourdarwin@y...>
      > That would be larger than the three states of Alabama, Georgia and
      > Mississippi combined. Of course it would actually be a lot more
      > than that because you have to leave service areas in between the
      > panels. They have to be cleaned periodically because of dust and
      > bird droppings. So it would probably take about twice that much.
      > Around 300,000 square miles or about 200 million acres. That is a
      > lot of solar panels.

      I'm interested in the water requirements for this. How much water
      would this require and where would it come from? Using the numbers
      from the earlier post I come up with something like 10E12 l/yr, but
      given the lack of water in the sunniest spots, I'm interested to
      know what the proposed solutions are.

      Presumably seawater could be used though it it likely would require
      more water than the theoretical minimum, plus the resulting brine
      (high in various salts) would need to be disposed of (hopefully back
      in the sea). However water is retrieved the energy costs of bringing
      it in and pumping it out have to be kept to a minimum... Never
      heard this issue being addressed.

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