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25245Re: [energyresources] Hydrogen and Solar Energy Question

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  • Ron Patterson
    Nov 16, 2002
      That would be larger than the three states of Alabama, Georgia and
      Mississippi combined. Of course it would actually be a lot more than that
      because you have to leave service areas in between the panels. They have
      to be cleaned periodically because of dust and bird droppings. So it would
      probably take about twice that much. Around 300,000 square miles or about
      200 million acres. That is a lot of solar panels.

      When people talk about the coming �hydrogen economy�, with hydrogen being
      generated by solar panels, they never give any figures. Has anyone noticed
      that? They never say how many solar panels, how much they will cost, how
      much farmland they will cover or any of the thousand and one other details
      that must be attended to before such a thing could become a reality.

      Those who fail to do their arithmetic are doomed to talk nonsense.

      Ron Patterson

      Peter hill wrote:
      >>>If the US population is about 285 million, then the nominal area
      required for solar collection would be 427,500 square kilometres or
      163,000 square miles, or a big part of Texas. Solar Prosperity Corridors
      ( but rather wider than their architects' expectations) and national debt,
      here we come!<<<

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      From: Dale & Elizabeth Pfeiffer
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      Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2002 1:02 PM
      Subject: Re: [energyresources] Hydrogen and Solar Energy Question
      I've been looking into some of this, though I haven't tied any of it
      together yet. Here is a quote:

      Renewable Energy:
      Economic and Environmental Issues
      by David Pimentel, G. Rodrigues, T. Wane, R. Abrams, K. Goldberg, H.
      Staecker, E. Ma, L. Brueckner, L. Trovato, C. Chow, U. Govindarajulu, and
      S. Boerke

      (Originally published in BioScience -- Vol. 44, No. 8, September 1994)
      The material inputs for a hydrogen production facility are primarily those
      needed to build a solar electric production facility. The energy required
      to produce 1 billion kWh of hydrogen is 1.3 billion kWh of electricity
      (Voigt 1984). If current photovoltaics (Table 2) require 2700 ha/1 billion
      kWh, then a total area of 3510 ha would be needed to supply the equivalent
      of 1 billion kWh of hydrogen fuel. Based on US per capita liquid fuel
      needs, a facility covering approximately 0.15 ha (16,300 ft2) would be
      needed to produce a year's requirement of liquid hydrogen. In such a
      facility, the water requirement for electrolytic production of 1 billion
      kWh/yr equivalent of hydrogen is approximately 300 million liters/yr
      (Voigt 1984).

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