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134974RES: [energyresources] Nat gas flaring

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    Aug 21 7:41 PM



      I  agree  almost entirely. Certainly  ,  if peak oil is “ justified” by  the belief  of  the  biotic theory of hydrocarbon origin  defended mainly by the Anglo –American  oil companies,  peak  oil  is fake. Let’s get gas , dinosaur  free,  from Titan….Wars are in general based on lies, forged incidents, to bend  to the  interests of the military- industrial   complex, and of course, bankers. If we threw out half of the milk produced by cows, the cost of milk would be much higher. I would made an exception to the question of global warming. Certainly, we cannot deny the  present man  made high level of  CO2. It is criminal do burn gas the way we do. Nature kept natural gas, most of it anyway, away from the atmosphere.




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      CNBC just reported today that:


      1) “more than a billion dollars per year worth of natural gas is flared off in the Bakken alone”; and that,


      2) “30% of all the Nat gas production in the Bakken is flared off”; and that,


      3)  “the rate of flaring in the Bakken is ten times that done in Texas and Alaska”.


      So...is there an energy shortage in the US?   Surely not!  The slack in the system is huge! [billions of dollars per year huge]


      So-called ‘peak oil’, like so-called ‘global warming’, and ‘war on terror’ and ‘war on drugs’, ‘war on poverty’ and all the rest, is a tired old propagandistic meme created by the elitist bankers to consolidate control over the masses.


      Want to argue the numbers? Take that up with CNBC; I’m just repeating what they said on air.



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