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134966Watch clouds move over a methane sea on Titan

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    Aug 16, 2014


      I have difficulty to accept that some  educated  people refers  to some fuels  as  “fossil”. The abiotic theory of hydrocarbons originated  in the Soviet  Union  directed  the SU  exploration of hydrocarbons with ample  success, having the  support of highly respected  scientists. Show me  a  dinosaur  floating in Titan , and  I  will  change my position





      Watch clouds move over a methane sea on Titan

      NASA has released an animation of methane clouds moving above a hydrocarbon sea on Saturn’s large moon, Titan.


      “…This renewed weather activity, considered overdue by researchers, could finally signal the onset of summer storms that atmospheric models have long predicted.

      For several years after Cassini’s 2004 arrival in the Saturn system, scientists frequently observed cloud activity near Titan’s south pole, which was experiencing late summer at the time. Clouds continued to be observed as spring came to Titan’s northern hemisphere. But since a huge storm swept across the icy moon’s low latitudes in late 2010, only a few small clouds have been observed anywhere on the icy moon. The lack of cloud activity has surprised researchers, as computer simulations of Titan’s atmospheric circulation predicted that clouds would increase in the north as summer approached, bringing increasingly warm temperatures to the atmosphere there.” .





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