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134539The better battery (for large scale storage)

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  • Eric Pfeiffer
    Mar 9, 2014
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           Development and commercial deployment of a battery system to
      store solar and wind energy for low generation periods is moving
      ahead rapidly. A commercially viable storage system to be available
      in 2015? That is the envisioned time frame for this system that
      would use commonly available liquefied metals to store electricity
      that would be competitive with conventional generation.
           It is entirely financed by private equity so the system may
      actually exist and may actually be applicable to life as we
      know it, rather than be a departmental fantasy.
           The chemical composition is a trade secret as it should be.
           A cost point of 500 dollars is needed according to the article.

           This will be a first commercial attempt at a viable storage system,
      and probably not the last.

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