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134537Re: [energyresources] Fw: Korean Birthrates

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  • Dell Erickson
    Mar 9, 2014
      Despite the posts and facts to the contrary, Gerry still can't seem to get it.

      Growing population means growing debt.

      Stop population growth and not only growing debt stopped, but the
      probability is that the debt levels can be managed on its way down.

      Worse, from a nation point of view, his remedy of mass in-migration
      implies the replacement of an entire existing population. It's
      culture, laws, institutions. And ergo, reflect the 3rd rate nation
      and all the, IMO, cesspool governments and cultures the arrivals are
      coming from.

      Bottomline is that any society dependent on his assumptions is suicidal.

      Dell Erickson

      3/8/2014, you wrote:
      > More and more I am seeing this sort of thing in NE Asia. Korea is
      > probably going to have all sorts of difficulties in the next
      > generation, and we know that Japan certainly is! Canada recently
      > had a campaign for more immigrants and if the growing labour
      > shortage in Canada is accurate, then it probably is true in the US
      > as well. The current immigration bill going through Congress also
      > is evidence of this.
      >With national debts (at all levels it seems) going through the roof,
      >what is one to make of falling populations and rising debts? Nothng
      >good I fear!
      >More Married Women Have 1 Child or None

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