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134523Fw: [America2Point0] Fwd: "Thermodynamics of Evolution", by French astrophysicist François Roddier

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  • Denis Frith
    Mar 6, 2014
       Tainter focused on social, political, environmental and economic factors in the development of complexity in a number of civilizations. He highlighted how the decline in the marginal return of this complexity led to collapse. He argued that depletion of resourcces was not a major factor as alterrnatives could be employed. This is common fallacious thinking. The technological systems irreversibly use up limited natural resources. That is the stark reality. Technology only uses natural forces to irreversibly consume natural resources, regardless of what people may think.

      Denis Frith



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      Subject: "Thermodynamics of Evolution", by French astrophysicist François Roddier
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      Here is a presentation of French astrophysicist François Roddier's "Thermodynamics of Evolution", from the Big Bang to Peak Oil and beyond...

      It enlarges Joseph Tainter's concept of energy-complexity spiral to the whole history of evolution, throw the so-called "law of maximum entropy". Mindblowing, I guess.

      Thought you'd be interested.
      All the best,

      Matthieu Auzanneau
      Journaliste indépendant - Eco[nomie][logie]

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