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134522Re: [energyresources] 2013 global vehicle production

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  • Denis Frith
    Mar 6, 2014
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      The irony of robbing the earth of some of what is left of its material bounty to supply the materials and the fuels for the production and operation of that invasive species, cars, is beyond belief. Do the masses understand what is irrevocably happening as the fuming from their cars harms their health and the climate. Do they really believe that intangible money is more worthwhile than a tangible healthy environment?

      Denis Frith


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      Global vehicle production hit another new record in 2013 of about 87 million
      vehicles, up from about 84 million in2012 and 80 million in 2011.
        China dwarfed all other countries with 22 million produced with the
      US back to second with 11 million.   US auto production is rumored to
      hit the 16 million mark in 2014...we shall see about that.
         This was released today.


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