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  • isobeautyjn
    Don t Miss Out On What EndermoTherapy Can Offer! Check out http://www.iso-beauty.com for information Wouldn t you like to Increase Range of Motion,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2003
      Don't Miss Out On What EndermoTherapy Can Offer!

      Check out http://www.iso-beauty.com for information

      Wouldn't you like to Increase Range of Motion, Flexibility,
      Circulation, aid with Surgery and INCREASE REVENUE?

      The LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule is the latest advance in the unique
      EndermoTherapy Technique from LPG. LPG, the inventors of
      EndermoTherapy, have been developing the EndermoTherapy Technique
      for over 20 years and remain the sole worldwide patent holders for
      EndermoTherapy. There is no equivalent treatment. It can also help
      you increase a client's range of motion, flexibility, and
      circulation. Find out why EndermoTherapy has been used by medical
      professionals and aesthetic specialists in Europe for over 17

      LPG's Clients in the United States are increasing revenue
      by $50,000.00 to $300,000.00+ (ask for references)

      LPG Cellu M6 KeyModule

      LPG is the World leader in Connective Tissue Therapy. EndermoTherapy
      is the ONLY technique in the World to make the fascia glide along
      one another, ultimately increasing the client's range of motion.
      UCLA and Vanderbilt studies show that EndermoTherapy:

      -- Increases Blood Flow up to 400%
      -- Increases Lymphatic Flow up to 200%
      -- Increases Venous Flow
      -- Increases Collagen Production

      Lifetime clients are built on wellness, not on sickness. With the
      Cellu M6 KeyModule, you can supply your clients with better well

      The Cellu M6 KeyModule can also be used for Endermologie, the only
      technique in the World to mobilize trapped fat! Endermologie can
      help you bring in more clients, that otherwise would have never
      walked into your business. FDA Approved for Cellulite Reduction.

      Use EndermoTherapy and Endermologie to bring in additional cash
      revenue, or simply have it covered by the client's insurance.
      EndermoTherapy and Endermologie can be performed by anyone in your
      business, giving you the additional freedom that you have been
      looking for.

      For more information look at:


      The Free Information Source for LPG Products

      EndermoTherapy and Endermologie are registered trademarks of LPG.
      LPG is the world leader in the treatment of connective tissue. If
      you would like more information about LPG, EndermoTherapy, or
      Endermologie, please see our free and independent information at
      http://www.iso-beauty.com Thank-you.
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