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new stuff from EMPIRE ARMS for Thursday, February 1st, 2001...

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  • kroh@empirearms.com
    Hello everyone! We have been running behind here at Empire as we have both been horribly ill the past two weeks. We both caught the flu while at the Lakeland
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      Hello everyone!

      We have been running behind here at Empire as we have both been
      horribly ill the past two weeks. We both caught the flu while at the
      Lakeland show two weekend ago (lots of folks from the frozen North
      sneezing & coughing at our tables and us with nowhere to run it
      was inevitable) and though it's been years since either of us has
      been THAT ill we really weren't prepared for it and it hit us HARD.

      We were just starting to feel better when we had to go set-up at the
      Jacksonville show last weekend. What a mistake! While we had a lot
      of sales (several dozen over two days) and bought a lot of really
      cool items at that show the exertion caused a hard-core relapse of
      the flu and we have both literally been confined to bed since we got
      back Sunday night until yesterday morning when our fever finally

      As a consequence we are quite behind in our orders and are trying
      desperately to catch up. We both still feel like crap, but stuff
      STILL has to be done. This is the literally closest I have come to
      death in 30 years... no kidding! Please bear with us if your order
      is one of those that has been delayed... you are not our ONLY
      customer, you know, though we try our best to make you feel like it!

      Most of this week's "new stuff" list was written a week or more ago,
      and most of the items have photos. It's a pretty large list and will
      likely be the LAST for quite awhile (maybe a month... after my return
      from Louisville on the 25th). We have been planning a "Spring
      Cleaning" type list of odds and ends that we may send out between now
      and then, but that still remains to be seen.

      We will be CLOSED from February 12th - 19th for Speed Weeks here in
      Daytona (stop your snickering...) but will keep up with our
      correspondance throughout and will even have a shipping-day or two
      during that time-period. NASCAR is my wife Desiree's passion and
      since she works her butt off here at Empire Arms (my "hobby") it is
      only fitting that I make her happy and support her hobby a couple
      times a year (and avoid "burnout" in the process).

      We bought some more of those excellent-condition Russian Model 91
      Mosin Nagant bayonets, as well as some for the Russian 91/30, and
      have been able to reduce the price to $35 apiece until we are sold

      We also just acquired a very small supply of Italian military 6.5
      CARCANO ball ammo that we are selling @ $1.25 per round (10 round
      minimum order) that we have not yet listed on our AMMO page as we do
      not expect it to last that long.

      As far as our WANT-LIST service goes, we will be dropping itens from
      it that are over six months old as the size has simply become
      unmanagable. Please be VERY SPECIFIC about what you are looking for
      as general entries such as "rifles used in WWII" will be dropped
      immediately. We need effective search-criteria to use this, so if
      you are looking for a Luger it would be a good idea to put "P-08" in
      the description as well.

      Before this post becomes a book, I better tell you where our "new
      stuff" page is located:


      As always, EVERY item on the list is actually available the very
      second we send this notification out, but some items will inevitably
      be ON HOLD or SOLD by the time you eventually check your email
      and "hit" the page. Remember that "I WANT IT!" takes priority over
      every other email such as "I'm kinda interested, put it ON HOLD until
      I get permission from my S.O. to buy it" etcetera, etcetera,
      etcetera, and be CERTAIN to identify yourself and indicate how you
      will be making payment in your email.

      Good luck!

      Dennis Kroh, owner, Empire Arms
      e-mail: kroh@...
      95 Seminole Ave, Ormond Beach FL 32176
      (904) 677-7314 FAX only (904) 677-7324
      web-site: http://www.empirearms.com
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