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A Kickstarter Project to Consider

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  • Mark Kinkead @ Killer Bee Software
    Hi there, I have tried over the years not to do a lot of plugging of other games, and if you don’t want to hear one just delete this mail. ; But I do want
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 1, 2013
      Hi there,
      I have tried over the years not to do a lot of plugging of other games, and if you don’t want to hear one just delete this mail.  ;>
      But I do want to bring your attention to something that some of you might be interested in, and that is  Chris Taylor’s and Gas Powered Games’ “Wildman” Kickstarter.
      For those of you that do not know who this is, Chris is the designer for the following games to name a few: Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and Demigod. Gas Powered Games stepped in on a troubled project Age Of Empire Online a few years ago and from what I observed they really helped straighten it out. Chris Taylor
      was also the programmer for some pre-Empire Deluxe games, namely “4-D Boxing” and “HardBall 2”.
      Chris’ work is mainly in the “Real-Time-Strategy” and “Action RPG” genre. Even though the Empire and Perfect General series are Turn Based Strategy games, he is an avid gamer and I know he has been  an Empire Deluxe fan for a long time as well.
      With the economy as it is, and PC gaming changing,  “AAA” development houses (larger budget shops) have done one of two things. Gone out of business, or sold off to a publisher. It has been harder for Chris to get contracts to produce his games, to the point where Gas Powered Games may completely shut down. He is now trying to break out of this and go independent with a kickstarter. His goal is to raise 1.1 million dollars in 33 days, to which they have already reached $400K  thus far and have two weeks remaining. People who pledge $20 or more will receive a copy of the game when it is released next year and get to participate in the beta test phase before that if they so desire.
      I am backing this project, and one of the reasons I am is that I find Chris as one of those rare game designers who loves gaming and cares about his games and wants to give as much to the game players as possible. His ideas are creative, and often innovative. I occasionally play Real Time Strategy games, but I do not play them much online as most players are competitive, and they all seem to be able to adapt to the click fest much better than me. But th
      is RTS has a larger strategic focus though, and is about setting up rally points, not direct unit micromanagement. It also is a single player game – with a possible CO-OP mode to be added.
      The game itself seems really fun to me. Wildman is a blend of the Action RPG style where you have quests and gather stuff, combined with RTS play where conquer AI players near your territory and use their “technology” against more foes. Evidently, you start with a club, and work your way up to medieval tech. Hopefully even further expansions would move you even farther in time.
      It is perfectly understandable that the game may not appeal to you, as the genre may be different, etc. On the Kickstarter page they have just recently updated their video which shows a better explanation of how the game works. I encourage you to take a look at it. If you like what you see, I encourage you to spread the word to others as well.
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