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  • AndrewN
    I ve just uploaded a unit database that I ve found I really prefer. It makes many units much more balanced and viable options:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2012
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      I've just uploaded a unit database that I've found I really prefer. It makes many units much more balanced and viable options:


      To use this database follow these steps:
      1. Download Nux.zip, and uncompress it to get a 'Nux' folder
      2. Place the Nux folder in your EDEE\Data\DB\Unit folder
      3. Run EDEE and load your favorite game configuration.
      4. On the Units tab, click the gigantic "Change DB" button
      5. Select the UnitDB.ini file in the Nux folder

      Overview of Changes:

      The price of many units has been reduced to be consistent with their real value as qualitatively assessed by me over many hours of play. If there's a unit type you typically never build, take a second look.

      AA are now stationary (like heavy artillery). The original AA was expensive and rarely needed to move anyway.

      Artillery pieces have greater range: LA - 3; HA - 4

      Engineers (EN) and Seabeas (SB) have reduced battle awareness but move faster and can build roads and mines much faster. These units can also capture all structures and even capture some types of units (artillery and AA). This makes terrain modification a real option and creates tactically interesting situations.

      There are now two helicopter units: transport helicopters (HE) and combat helicopters (CH). These are cheaper, short range alternatives to the air transport (AT) and bomber (BO) respectively. HE is particularly valuable in the early game when neutral cities are plentiful and nearby. CH is an ideal patrol unit for protecting a single city and also a good choice for supporting ground troops.

      Units that transport other combat units (TR, AT, HE) are now a bit more vulnerable to attack from combat units. This makes escorts more important and justifies a reduced cost.


      (AA) Anti-Aircraft:
      cost - 6
      can't move (must be transported like HA)

      (AT) Air Transport
      cost - 15
      combat - a bit more vulnerable and offensive ability halved

      (EN) Engineer:
      cost - 3
      movement - 2
      can enter shallow water
      time to build roads greatly reduced
      battlefield awareness as TK
      combat ability greatly reduced:
      . can't attack ships
      . 33% chance to capture artillery, anti-air, patrol boat
      . 75% chance to capture buildings, cities, airbase, etc.
      . 5% chance to defeat air and land units

      (HA) Heavy Artillery
      cost - 15
      range - 4

      (HE) Helicopter (now called Transport Helicopter)
      cost - 10
      movement - 3
      range - 12 (4 turns)
      combat attack ability reduced

      (CH) Combat Helicopter - new unit
      cost - 10
      movement - 2
      range - 12 (6 turns)
      combat - as HE but attacks as BO against many ground units

      (LA) Light Artillery
      cost - 8
      range - 3

      (LM) Long Range Missile
      cost - 12

      (PB) Patrol Boat
      cost - 6

      (SB) Sea Beas
      cost - 12
      movement - 3 in water; much slower on land
      time to build roads greatly reduced
      battlefield awareness as TK

      (SC) Scout Satellite
      cost - 40

      (SM) Short Range Missile
      cost - 8

      (SP) Supply
      cost - 6

      (SU) Submarine
      cost - 20

      (TK) Truck
      cost - 2

      (TR) Transport
      cost - 25
      combat - more vulnerable to BO and combat ships

      (ST) Armed Satellite
      cost - 60
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