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Re: [empire-deluxe] newbie here

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  • Steven Woodcock
    I ve used all three early expansion methods depending on the layout when the game starts. Usually, if I can *see* a city right there next to me (two squares
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 29, 2006
      I've used all three early expansion methods depending on the layout when the game starts. Usually, if I can *see* a city right there next to me (two squares away), I'll build infantry first to try to capture it. Once that's down I switch to an airplane/infantry or (if I have a city on the coast) an airplane/transport/infantry build pattern, and send a tranny with a couple of somethings out as soon as possible (as Dave suggests).  Hopefully by the time the tranny gets built the airplane has found some likely expansion routes and I know where to send him,otherwise I just head out blind.
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      Option C:  If in a coastal city, start by building a transport, then explore with it while you build armor/infantry to capture other cities.  I usually start building a plane with my second captured city for quicker recon, but using the transport as a recon while waiting for land units is not bad.  And sending the transport blindly with a couple of armor in a given direction (I usually try looking at where I am on the map and sending the transport towards the center of the map) will give you a second base to expand from, meaning you won't have all your eggs in one basket if there is early contact.

      If you don't have a coastal city, then build the plane first to scout and as soon as it's done, switch to land units and get that second city!

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      The Tutorials are in Help Tutorial, but you are probably asking for a starting strategy.  You might try downloading the EDIE demo and start a game with computer players only.  Watching the EDIE AI will give you some hints.  Pay no attention to the EDEE AI, it is dumb as dirt.
      Option A (used by EDIE)
      Start with one plane, Bomber or Fighter.  They move quickly so they can explore to find cities for you to capture.  If you find that you are unlucky and are on an island with only one city, start again.  There is no attempt to balance the initial starting cities in EDEE.  Start producing infantry or armor to capture cities on your initial island.  When you think you have enough land units to capture all of the remaining cities on that island, you can start producing a transport.  Choose the city that will make a transport as soon as possible.
      Option B
      Start producing infantry.  You will need them anyway, to capture cities.  If you make 3 infantry and don't know where any other cities are, make a bomber or fighter to explore faster, but you should probably restart, because there is only one city on your island.  Once it looks like you have enough cities to complete taking over the island, start making a transport to be completed as soon as possible and make a plane in another city.  The plane should be ready first and should be able to find some offshore cities.
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      From: Sean
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      Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 12:58 PM
      Subject: [empire-deluxe] newbie here

      Hi all

      Just started playing this game, and it's a little tougher than I
      thought it would be.

      The only way I'm even coming close to staying in the game is by
      starting out with 2 cities and setting my modifiers to about 75%.

      Is there any 'tutorial' for how to start out?

      Also, is there an editor for the eos files? I'd like to create an
      order for 'Range fire 1 north' - is this possible?



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