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Re: [empire-deluxe] I guess I should have known.

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  • Randy.Rick
    Its now turn 32,978 and I won t surrender!!!! ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail SpamGuard - Read only the mail you want.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 24, 2004
      Its now turn 32,978 and I won't surrender!!!!

      --- magicman_33 <magicman_33@...> wrote:
      > Well way back in my freshman year of college (94) I was just
      > starting into PC gaming (never had a computer before that) and a
      > couple of us loaded games onto the monitors PC in the computer lab.
      > One of the guys loaded Empire Deluxe and I really enjoyed it.
      > Later
      > when I got a computer of my own, I got the disks from him and had
      > it
      > for some time (yes i know that was a no-no). However, over the
      > years and the numerous computers, the game was lost to me.
      > So im thinking about it the other day and decided to see what I
      > could find on it on the net, and I found the killerbee site rather
      > quick. YES! I figured this was a little game that rode off into
      > the sunset, I had no idea it was still going so strongly.
      > Needless to say I am now a LEGAL owner of Empire Deluxe (and glad
      > its in windows mode now). With all the complexities of the games
      > out there now, sometimes this simple wonder is still better.
      > Glad to BEE here and looking forward to being apart of the
      > community.

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