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940Re: [empire-deluxe] Empire-like games?

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  • gcjcdc@aol.com
    Jun 6, 2002
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      Another guy and I once tried using Civilization 2 as a pbem game.  The game itself is very nice with a black world for exploring, the ability to build different units (that become more advanced as 'time' advances), and the winner is the one who controls most of the world.  It is a lot better then ED in these respects, but it was not designed as a pbem game.  

      You can kind of use it as a pbem game by sending its auto save flies back and forth but it is quite awkward since you receive your opponents reports.  With just a few changes to let you get your own reports I think Civ 2 would be a great pbem game.  I even emailed Microprose (the maker) about that, but that went no where.  This was a few years ago...maybe a newer version of Civilization is better for pbem.  Anyone know about that?

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