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939Re: [empire-deluxe] Empire-like games?

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  • Matthias
    Jun 6, 2002
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      Robert Avery wrote:

      > Has anybody heard of, played Battles of Destiny? BOD is very similar
      > to ED, but with more units and more terrain. I started playing ED
      > more than 12 years ago and BOD several years ago. I mostly play ED
      > and sometimes BOD. You may want to search the web for maps and
      > scenarios. I found many people have created some great maps and
      > scenarios. Try playing the Star Trek (either TOS or TNG)
      > map/scenario. Personally I think Mark Baldwin / White Wolf and
      > company could make an updated version with more types of units,
      > terrains, etc. How difficult could it be to make an air-transport
      > that could land and take off without a city - just one of many kind of
      > improvements that would easy to implement and I know many of you have
      > other great ideas.
      Sometimes I've wished for that kind of unit but it would make inland
      cities too easy to capture. There are fewer pleasures in ED better than
      establishing a beachhead then slowing grinding your way into the
      interior of a hostile continent. *sigh*
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