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937Re: [empire-deluxe] Empire-like games?

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  • Christopher & Susan Ross
    Jun 6, 2002
      Advance Wars is for the hand held Game Boy Advance. I haven't heard of a
      Gamecube version.

      Excellent game. Very Empire like but with a rock-scissors-paper mentality
      at times. Lot's of scenarios, multiplayer and even a map editor. Great for
      airplane rides.


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      > jruss9999 wrote:
      > >
      > >What other games are out there that are similar but updated? >I like the
      generic, empire-building structure of ED. Most good
      > >wargames (TOAW comes to mind) are great for certain SIMULATIONS, but
      > >not for generic army bashing. There are space games (which aren't my
      > >cup of tea), there are fantasy games (which are sometimes OK), but
      > >there don't seem to be many Crank-out-the-units-and-fight WWII-era
      > >games after ED.
      > >
      > If you have a Nintendo GameCube, or have thought about getting a game
      console, get the GameCube and then get a game called "Advance Wars."
      Believe it or not, this is a deep, complex turn-based strategy game that is
      very much like ED. It even sports 4-player multiplayer and a map editor.
      Check it out at Nintendo's website, or see the review at gamespot.com.
      > -- MaX
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