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  • Paul Gill
    May 2, 1999
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      Recently, I have been discussing with David Bott (who runs the epig
      mailing list) about combining our two lists, so that there is a
      single list for ED players to discuss things - reduces duplication

      With that as our long-term goal, David joined the egroups list for ED
      and is now one of the list 'managers', so in the event I am run over
      by a bus, he is the guy to talk to about stuff relating to this list.

      Also, for any of you that have ED webpages (and I know of a few, just
      not all of them) there is a little box you can add to your page that
      allows visitors to sign up for this list from your page. This should
      help bring new people into the ED community, giving us more people to
      slaughter, I mean, compete with. Details, see me.

      That is all for now. Except I note that the debate about terrain and
      combat still rages, with trials being conducted seeming to defy what
      the instruction manual says - especially in regards infantry-on-
      infantry battles in various terrain...


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      Paul Gill
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