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766Re: [empire-deluxe] Name list

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  • Andy Young
    Nov 9, 2001
      Thank you Flash, I'll make a note to change the city.nam in my zip
      files. I'll be adding the locations of some of the great Canadian

      The long city name bug definitely happens with cities with names 12
      characters long.

      I made a city.name file with all of the city names at 12 characters. I
      started a new game: 40x40 map, 2 local players, Advantage +3 for combat
      and production. I saved the game before the first combat. I attacked
      cities only. By the second exchange of city ownership the game started
      going crazy. New terrain appeared and cities disappeared, then the game
      crashed. I loaded the saved game and changed all of the city names to
      11 characters. I captured cities about 11 times and had no problems.

      I changed city.nam to have all 11 character names and repeated the
      test. I had no problems. I loaded the saved game and changed all city
      names to 12 characters. The game crashed the first time I captured a

      I'll let someone else test ships.
      Andy Young aka GeneralError
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      We learn from our errors. I'm getting a great education.
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