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4513EDEE Ultra DB Mod PBEM game

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  • nike_ajax
    Aug 6, 2014


      Hello EDEE Ultra DB players,

      I would like to start a multiplayer PBEM game using EDEE with the Ultra DB mod.  It would be on a large random map.   Expect big contents and bigger oceans with a limited number of cities but plenty of resources.  This game may require you to construct air and naval bases as well as using tankers.    I can play at least one turn a day.  It has been a few years since I last played with the Ultra DB mod so  I am little rusty with all the new units, but I should be able to play a creditable game. 

      Please be sure you have the latest EDEE patched version and the latest Ultra DB version.

      EDEE version 4.012 012P

      Ultra DB v23.4 6/20/14 - Small Tweak

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