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4498Re: Old ED v3.11b on new Windows8

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  • karawane_71
    May 20, 2014
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      For the matter of completeness, I would like to remark that you can run the original ED on a Windows 8 (8.1) machine. If you really like the original, maybe because of its rattling sound or crude intro, there is a way for you: You need to run it through a virtual machine or an emulator (they are available on the web free of charge).

      Drop me a message if you need more details on how to do that. I have done it.

      Apart from that, I agree with the others: it's more convenient to install the new EDIE. It installs without problems and feels almost exactly like ED but with a refined user interface. And in contrast to other posts, I also like the EDEE (enhanced version); in my opinion its option for passive fire makes it more suitable for e-Mail games :-)

      - Karawane
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