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4477EDEE v 012P is ready

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  • Mark Kinkead @ Killer Bee Software
    Feb 3, 2014
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      Hi folks,
      I have the EDEE patch up and ready. Patch for 11-12 can be loaded at http://killerbeesoftware.com My apologies it did not come out in October as I had hoped. The Mobile App consumed more of my time that I thought it would.
      If I sent you something special and you are having trouble upgrading, let me know (send me a private email, don’t reply to this – the Yahoo curse!).
      The main fix in this was the password issue when switching network and pbm styles mid game.
      I also added a requested control queue sort. This is “Sort Loc (one time)”. It was requested by some to have this feature put back in. In version 11, the default sorting by location was changed so that the control queue of units would sort by location with every active unit selection. This is still the default method, but if you set it to the “One Time” method, only at the beginning of your turn is the location sort performed. If this explanation is confusing, do not worry about it. Things are as they were in 11.
      Here are the patch notes from the readme:
      Version 4.012 = #12P (01-26-2014)
      - Minor Fix to World Building
      - Player Logging in after being kicked could cause a crash
      - Internal Unit Descrption String length increased
      - Removed old Sighting Error Alert
      - Removed Old DUP Error Alert
      - Added Default Sort Loc (one Time)
      - Tool Tips will not extend beyond window
      - Unit information window could crash on custom unit description
      - Post game location notes available in after game view
      - Minor AII adjustment for unit mission selection
      - Fixed Network to PBM password incompatibility
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