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4468Tweaked WWII scenario's

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  • samsami53
    Dec 27, 2013
    In case you're interested, attached my Axis and Allies scenarios which are basically the original WWII scenarios but tweaked/corrected.

    I updated the scenarios to correct some bloopers in ship names:
    1. One of the Japanese transports was called Port Chalmers in the  WWII scenario :)
    2. An Allied cruiser was called Emden, which is actually a German place name.
    3. There were a couple double ships (i.e., ships with the exact same name).
    Also, many small historical inaccuracies have been corrected:
    1. The destroyer Malcolm was based in Brisbane but should be in the UK.
    2. Many names were, as far as I can tell, fantasy names which I replaced by historical names.
    3. I added a battleship in Pearl Harbour, so all 8 of them are there now.
    I also edit a fourth version of the scenario as there was no 3-player version with one Allied player against two Axis players, which can be used by two humans (Axis) playing together against one Allied AI (or human player) so I  worked on that and added it. 

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