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4390Beta Testers Request

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  • Mark Kinkead @ Killer Bee Software
    Oct 9 6:31 PM
      Hi guys,
      This is my formal request for beta testers for Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition, aka EDME. I would ask that all replies to this particular request not be sent on this mail group, but to my email address, which is mok @ killerbeesoftware.com .  That way I can organize and track them, and this forum does not need a bunch of beta minutia discussion.
      Right now my target platforms are Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry touch-capable devices. If you think you have a platform other than these that you believe deserves a look, please let me know. I am using a package to cover platforms, so I may be limited in this regard.
      If you want to test, you can send me a mail, and please let me know the following:
      Your name.
      Your Email you want to use.
      What devices you have that you can test, and their individual operating systems (Android, iOs, BB, Win Phone).
      Which flavor of Empire you play, if any.
      What your availability to test in the next 8 week is as well. And let me know what email address you would like me to correspond with.
      Testers will be grouped by platform, and judging by some of you (*cough* *Barry* *cough*), you might be in more than one group. Some platforms are ready to start, Others not.  I will most likely hold some people back for a couple of weeks, because it is very helpful once you go through an iteration or two to get some pairs of new  eyes on it, because things get missed.
      Also because of the wide range of platforms and hardware, the software definitely needs a test drive.
      When testing, do not worry about being critical of the project, my ego is not involved here. Please do understand that decisions have to be made, and many external factors can affect the outcome, and sometimes things can’t be perfect. Also be prepared, because the program could crash, and that is when I can really use your help.
      As far as the current state of the game, I will post some details once the group is formed. But at this point, it is fully featured and needs some road testing. I can tell the real challenge is getting to interface to conform to all of the platforms. I have to be real careful about what I can add at this point, but your suggestions are always welcome while testing.
      As far as individual platforms, The Android and iOS groups will probably start very soon. BB and Win Phone after.
      Thanks in advance for considering to participate.
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