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4355Re: [empire-deluxe] New unit ideas

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  • John Spirko
    Jul 9, 2013
      If you're interested in creating new units or modifying existing units, the manual covers the basics quite well, but you have to jump into it and experiment. I suggest that you only do one unit at a time and test that unit out for any necessary tweaks. It's essential that you keep track of the changes. Save often in case something goes wrong - it's easier to use the previous version, than to try and figure out what went wrong with a modification.

      I do have a test version of a mod that includes a Factory Unit as well as a Shipyard Unit. If built on a Resource will also collect resource.

      Since I usually play on larger maps (and hence longer games), in addition to the Oil Facility, I have a Hydro Facility (2 X resource of Oil) and a Nuclear Facility (4 x Oil Facility)

      On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Matthew Shelton <matthiasfw@...> wrote:

      The following would probably require some modification of the code that computes a player's production efficiency, but here it is anyway.

      No it doesn't require any mod. Just duplicate a city, remove what units you don't want it to manufacture. Change the status so that it's NOT a city unit.

      Factory - A new stationary land unit that is able to build other units like a city, but does not count against your resource drain (nor does it help it) if it isn't building anything. A newly-built factory should have some begin with some very low PE, but this can improve over time if left idle. Should a factory be able to specialize? I'm not sure; maybe one could have a separate "specialist factory" unit which does this. Factories can only be built on clear terrain and should take longer than an Oil Facility to make. You would probably need a lot of Oil Facilities to support a large number of Factories. This unit is mostly inspired from the WW2 era of bombing an enemy nation's industrial capacity rather than going after civilian targets.

      I imagine it would be a lot of work to implement these unit types in the the stock AI. More than likely if these units were ever built, they would be used only in PVP games, but I think they would make a pretty neat addition to the game.

      The stock AI can use modifications to existing units usually quite well. It can have some difficulty with new units, but still manages to use some of them.
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