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  • gacuster7th
    Nov 28, 2011
      Looking for committed players:
      2-10 players
      Map 3000X3000 wrap both ways
      Land/water.... 60/40
      System weather
      No treaties/No unit gifting
      No buy points
      Nothing visible
      200 cities
      Capital Kill
      Random City Selection

      Estimated play time...2 years so do not commit to playing unless you will finish the game good or bad (only excuse to drop out is your death)and if you do decide to quit then you must use abdication rule.
      Must commit to making your move at least within 48 hours unless you submit a request for vacation time and it is agreed to by a majority of players...limit 2 weeks vacation time once a year.

      Response to play must be emailed me by 12/15/11
      Game to start 1/2/12
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