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3820Re: [empire-deluxe] Windows 7

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  • Andrew Platfoot
    Jun 7, 2010
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      If you don't want the challenge of tweaking your system to run the older code, another simple solution is to buy an upgrade at www.killerbeesoftware.com.  The latest version is EDEE which is the next generation after EDIE.  Note some still think the older version is better (and I believe that is also available at the site ) if that is what you want.  Cost is pretty low considering.
      You can also get Perfect General there also if you are into land battles.
      You can even down load a free trial and see if you are happy.  I know people will say "I have already paid for it why pay again" - but heck the big boys (Microsoft, Apple, Adobe ...) have been doing it for years.  Also the new owner had to buy the original code and he has put a fair bit of effort into upgrading and making with compatible with XP onwards.  
      The newer version has support and patches (I think we are up to patch 10) to fix bugs, although most seem now to be squashed.  The new version allows much bigger maps and has the possibility of adding new units although you will have to teach the AI how to use them or else stick to playing against a human.
       If you want to use one of the modified unit sets like SoloMod Mod you can easily load it up and make the new game look much like the old tried, true and much loved EDIE.
      I think the investment is worth the pleasure gained.
      I have run EDEE on a Win 7 machine with no drama.  I set up a 500 by 500 map with 50 AI players (but no human as a test) and 10 times production rate and it purred along for days before I wanted my machine back to do some other things and had to shut it down
      Good luck and enjoy

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      Hi, I have been playing Empire deluxe for ages. I have the CD rom edition for windows 3.1 in 1994. Has worked great in Windows 98, Xp and Vista. Alas, I have just bought a newer computer and have not been able to get the game to install in Windows 7. After many hours trying, I am lost. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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