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3819RE: [empire-deluxe] Windows 7

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  • Gary Long
    Jun 7, 2010

      I Empire Deluxe is such a great game, you shouldn't be denied, just cause you have a new computer :) And while alot of people will suggest XP Virtual mode, there is another way. I'm at work and don't have my Win7 machine to test on right now, but follow instructions below and it should work.

      You probably need to install the DOS version in an "elevated command prompt".

      Try this:
      -Go to ORB(Star) and in the search bar type CMD when you see the listing in the search bar, right click on it with your mouse and choose Run as Administrator. The DOS window will appear. Go to your CD drive and install Empire Deluxe like you normally would. Hopefully it will install as it always has.

      Even of it installs, though, your probably not done. If it creates the shortcuts for you, now you need to tell the shortcuts to run in Administrator mode and run as a previous version of windows, or "Compatibility Mode".

      Do this:
      -Go to the short cut in your start menu and right click on it. Choose the COMPATIBILITY tab. Click the box for Run this program in... Now scroll to the bottom and also check the box for Run this program as administrator.

      Hopefully that works. It does for most older games/programs. Let us know if it works for you. If your interested in why/how this works, I can type up a brief explanation for everyone. BTW, this will work for almost ANY older program.

      Take Care,

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      Hi, I have been playing Empire deluxe for ages. I have the CD rom edition for windows 3.1 in 1994. Has worked great in Windows 98, Xp and Vista. Alas, I have just bought a newer computer and have not been able to get the game to install in Windows 7. After many hours trying, I am lost. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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