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  • Mark Kinkead @ Killer Bee Software
    Nov 15, 2009
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      From a legal perspective, I must state that Killer Bee Software and Mark Kinkead are in no way affiliated with this tourney, etc. etc.
      That said, good luck to all that choose to compete!
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      Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 3:35 PM
      Subject: [empire-deluxe] ANNOUNCIING EDEE TOURNAMENT - $500 1ST PLACE PRIZE


      I am moderating an EDEE Tournament. It is a Benefit Tournament where half of proceeds are returned in prizes and the other half to go for the establishment of a Food Bank in Hart County, Kentucky to be run by Liberty Baptist Church.

      This is a four game series with a $500 1st Place Prize.
      There is a one time $50 entry fee which covers all four games.
      Tournament is limited to 264 slots. An individual can only acquire up to 4 slots.

      Each game will be identical except for spiral city selection and selection of Specialty Production cities. Each game will have only 4 players. Winners will then be matched with winners in the next game (just as 2nd placers will be grouped together; plus 3rd placers together; plus 4th placers together).

      Here are the game details:

      We will use John Spirko's CORNERS map with his latest revised Unit Database SpeedMod 1.70. John will not be playing in this tournament as he has been secured as the technical adviser.

      4 Corners - 4 players - plus moderator 801 cities
      200 x 200 No wrap - players start in corners and head for the center.

      Each player gets 7 cities to start - 6 at 200 production and 1 at 250 production.

      There is 1 capital that must be protected from capture. (Moderator gets 1 city in the center of the map, then resigns after turn 1 after game is successfully launched).

      There are many roads/bridges over deep water. (890 road squares). Roads over deep water that are destroyed cannot be rebuilt. Some roads/bridges are not completed.

      There are several clusters of 4 cities where the production has been advanced to around 150-165.

      There are neutral fortresses that can be captured. Some contain a LR missile.

      A few LR missiles, SR missiles and Scout Sats are in neutral cities and can be captured.

      The scenario was built for use with SpeedMod 1.70 - see Speed Mod Manual for complete description of all unit changes and additions. Speed Mod was designed to increase production and movement speed for larger maps such as this one. Plus many unit revisions allow for the advantage/disadvant age of terrain in battle odds calculations.

      Prizes will return $6,410 to 74% of players.

      Tournament winners will be based on total points earned over all 4 games played. Points are awarded as follows:

      Game winner - 4 points;
      2nd place - 3 points;
      3rd place - 2 points;
      4th place - 1 point in each game played.

      After Round 1, we will place all winners in Division I, 2nd place in Division II, 3rd place in Division III, and 4th place in Division IV. 64 players in each division.

      After Round 2, each Division would similarly sub-divide into 4 classes per division; also determined by how each placed in game 2. 16 players in each class.

      After Round 3, each class would similarly sub-divide into 4 sections per class, also determined by how each placed in game 3. 4 players in each section.

      After 4th game, we'd have one person undefeated with 16 points and would be the Champion, winning a prize of $500.00.

      We'd have four 2nd place winners with 15 points, each winning $100.00 (three from Division I and one from Division II).

      Points Prize # of winners
      16 $500 1
      15 $100 4
      14 $ 75 10
      13 $ 50 20
      12 $ 40 30
      11 $ 30 40
      10 $ 20 44
      9 $ 11 40
      Total $6,410 189

      So there will be winners in all Divisions and Classes.

      Here is the link
      http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ EMPIRE_EDEE_ MAJOR_Tournament _Benefit/

      Pastor Darrell Ray

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