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3757IDEE pieces sometimes refuse to move

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  • barryem
    Apr 19 3:37 PM
      I'm using IDEE (and IDIE) on an Acer 5920 laptop with 3 gig RAM and an Intel Core duo CPU and Vista Home Premium. I've used it before on Win98 and XP with no problems. On this system, for some reason, it'll be working just fine for a while and then suddenly I can't make some of the pieces move. A piece will be flashing and the mouse won't make it move and neither will the keyboard. I can use the context menu to tell it to wait or I can use the S key to put it in sentry mode. It seems that everything works except moving.

      Sometimes if I tell it to wait a turn or two it'll go ahead and move. Other times it won't.

      On my turn, when this is happening, I might move 20 pieces and maybe 1/4 of them or less will have this problem. The rest work fine.

      I have no idea if this is because of Vista or because this is a new update of the game or what might be causing it.

      IDIE works just fine.

      Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or whatever, will be appreciated. :)

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