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3617Other strategy games in new forms

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  • David Bott
    Apr 3 1:18 PM
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      Have any of you seen www.GoCrossCampus.com ?

      This is an interesting take on Risk.  Right now it's mostly restricted to persons with .edu email accounts since it began as a game where students fought over their own campus.  Teams were created by dorm and other residence affiliations.  However, they created a game for the US presidential candidates and used the states as territories.  The latest version uses The Office tv show's physical layout to create the "territories" and the teams are based on characters (e.g., Jim, Dwight, Pam, Ryan & Kelly) or departments (e.g., Warehouse, Sales, Corporate).

      This is an interesting twist on Risk.  Teams must find their own leaders, but still decisions are made by each player for the armies they "own."  Each player gets 1 army per turn (plus bonuses for various actions or victories).  Each army is given placement and orders by their owner.  Teams must coordinate their attacks, defense, etc.

      The nice thing is you only have to log in to issue your orders once every 12 hours (turns are real time every 2 hours).  It doesn't have to take up much time, unless you want to network, chat and persuade your teammates.   It is more than a simulation in that you don't just pretend to be in charge, you actually have to be in charge...fostering loyalty and making it clear why your strategy is valid so you persuade others.

      I played a short while in the political game using my vt.edu alumnus account to register.

      They are talking of expanding beyond .edu email accounts.

      Just thought I would mention it.

      BTW, if any of you can and do join, I'm on Ryan & Kelly's team (orange) in the GoCrosstheOffice game.

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