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3362New SoloMod Version Posted

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  • rich12545
    Jul 1, 2006
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      In the EDEE mods forum.

      Didn't convert the scenarios and maps since the config for players and
      units can't be set up for each one in the conversion. But I posted my
      3.5 map files in the forum. To convert with SoloMod you need to copy
      all solodb files to the HCDB (make a backup first) because you can't
      choose which db to use in the conversion. Then in the config you need
      to setup players, units and whatever else each time you play a
      scenario. So the person who sets up the config should be the same one
      who did the conversion in order to see how many players are in the

      The ai production choices are much better in this version of SoloMod.
      Added the new scoot and shoot defensive fire for ships. Imho the
      best thing for playing against the computer ai for EDEE.