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  • whineywright
    Oct 7, 2005
      --- In empire-deluxe@yahoogroups.com, Gunther Herzog <gruumsh@y...>
      > Hi Andy,
      > --- Andy Young <gyoung1@r...> wrote:
      > > Gunther, my old enemy, welcome back. I think we played in a 3
      on 3 game
      > > sometime in the last century. This group is a good place to
      start. You can
      > > look for opponents in Givoni's ED Ladder
      > > http://www.givoni.com/empire/
      > Thanks for the link, but I'm really looking for something causal,
      not rated
      > games, tournaments, etc.
      > > Your proposed set up is odd, I think that adding computer
      players introduces
      > > a random factor that can easily tilt the game heavily in favour
      of the player
      > > who is farthest away from the AI, but I'll try anything once.
      > >
      > I guess that goes to the casual style I'm seeking here. When not
      in a serious
      > rated game, the bit of randomness provides a little excitement.
      And with a
      > sufficiently large map, the chances of being stuck with a nearby
      > player are reduced.
      > More on the setup:
      > Players are given Adv2 on combat and production to (1) reduce
      randomness in
      > taking neutral cities, and (2) speed up production in the
      beginning of the
      > game.
      > Computer players are set so that one has "crack troops" (Adv 2),
      but is slower
      > in producing them (Adv 1). The other player has more poorly
      trained troups, but
      > can crank them out faster than the players.
      > I haven't tested this enough to see if it will make for an
      interesting game,
      > but thought it might be fun to try. Also I'm not sure that
      one "step" will be
      > significant enough to see a difference. Perhaps something like
      > ----- HANDICAPS -----
      > All Humans Adv 1 Adv 1
      > Computer 1 Adv 3 Slight
      > Computer 2 Slight Adv 3

      Hello Gunther,

      I usually play ladder games - but .... I might be interested in
      trying something like this. So long as you get other "dedicated"
      people on the "human" end (like Andy).

      Eric (Whiney Wright) Scantlebury

      P.S. And I send you my color preferences prior to start so I don't
      have to change them every move. LOL!
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