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3207Re: [empire-deluxe] Introduction

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  • Gunther Herzog
    Oct 7 10:24 AM
      Hi Andy,

      --- Andy Young <gyoung1@...> wrote:

      > Gunther, my old enemy, welcome back. I think we played in a 3 on 3 game
      > sometime in the last century. This group is a good place to start. You can
      > look for opponents in Givoni's ED Ladder
      > http://www.givoni.com/empire/

      Thanks for the link, but I'm really looking for something causal, not rated
      games, tournaments, etc.

      > Your proposed set up is odd, I think that adding computer players introduces
      > a random factor that can easily tilt the game heavily in favour of the player
      > who is farthest away from the AI, but I'll try anything once.

      I guess that goes to the casual style I'm seeking here. When not in a serious
      rated game, the bit of randomness provides a little excitement. And with a
      sufficiently large map, the chances of being stuck with a nearby computer
      player are reduced.

      More on the setup:

      Players are given Adv2 on combat and production to (1) reduce randomness in
      taking neutral cities, and (2) speed up production in the beginning of the

      Computer players are set so that one has "crack troops" (Adv 2), but is slower
      in producing them (Adv 1). The other player has more poorly trained troups, but
      can crank them out faster than the players.

      I haven't tested this enough to see if it will make for an interesting game,
      but thought it might be fun to try. Also I'm not sure that one "step" will be
      significant enough to see a difference. Perhaps something like this...
      ----- HANDICAPS -----
      All Humans Adv 1 Adv 1
      Computer 1 Adv 3 Slight
      Computer 2 Slight Adv 3

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