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3109Re: [empire-deluxe] Re: Which Game Should I Buy?

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  • dbott@vt.edu
    May 2, 2005
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      I figure I might throw in my $0.02.

      I have both EDIE and EDEE. I bought EDEE more to support
      the Killer Bees idea than because I was dying to have it. I
      thought it might be fun to have new units and
      customizability, but I was worried about the time
      commitment necessary to enjoy it.

      And as a former avid ED 3.11 player with little time for
      games these days, I have to say that my worries were
      justified. I've tried EDEE a few times but haven't had the
      time to really make it fun yet. OTOH I've played numerous
      EDIE games for fun by myself and a few with email
      opponents. The updated interface is wonderful for those
      happy with the units and parameters of ED. The bugs are
      gone or not a bother and this is the version I would get if
      I were just interested in rekindling the fun of ED on a new

      If I were someone who loved ED and wanted to play again and
      I only wanted to fork over the cash for one of the two
      versions, I'd choose EDIE.

      Your mileage will vary.

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