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2954Re: EDEE and specialties

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  • barryem
    Feb 3, 2005
      --- In empire-deluxe@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Platfoot
      <andrew_platfoot@y...> wrote:
      > Barry
      > I am not sure anyone has answered your query so let me
      > offer my two rupees worth.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.

      I haven't gotten into ports yet but I will. Frankly I've only done
      a little with the new units. I'm winning every game easily without

      I have done some coding. Thirty some-odd years, almost forty, most
      of it as a systems programmer. I retired several years ago and I'm
      way out of date now. In fact I was a few years out of date when I
      retired, having mostly worked at non-coding tasks the last few
      years. While I don't know the ins and outs of this program I can't
      see why not letting landlocked cities specialize in ships would
      backfire. But given time constraints I can understand putting it

      What I'm doing is offering my observations; not as complaints so
      much. Just observations. It's a new game and there are things I
      personally think should be fixed and changed and I'm saying so in
      the place where the person or people who can do that changing are
      listening. If some of it gets done, great. If not, well, I said my

      All in all I like the direction this new game has taken. There are
      some clever and well thought out ideas in it and some very major
      improvements. For my part it was overdone. But one of the
      improvements is that I can control that and simplify it to my taste,
      which I'm doing slowly as I learn more about it.

      I don't plan on doing any coding or scripting although I might
      change my mind about that at some point. But much of the AI seems
      improved over IDIE. It's just that the computer players need some
      ambition. :)

      If nothing changes and this is the game I bought forever, I'm okay.
      It's well worth what I paid for it and I'll keep on playing it.

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