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2953Re: [empire-deluxe] EDEE and specialties

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  • Andrew Platfoot
    Feb 3, 2005

      I am not sure anyone has answered your query so let me
      offer my two rupees worth.

      The issue of specialities has come up before. Several
      people wondered about land locked cities specialising
      in ship units.

      Basically as I understand Mark's reply, the allocation
      of specialities and in fact the very nature of a city
      is vastly changed in edee. I think this has much to
      do with Mark's desire to make the game open and
      configurable by those who like to modify games as much
      as they do play them.

      Occasionally you do get strange events like land
      locked cities building ships. I guess Mark could have
      started pouring check code into the design to stop
      this from happeneing. But as anyone who has ever
      written code will tell you, in built limits tend to
      back fire on you.

      The solution in edee is simple. You can obviously
      ignore the specialty for that city. But a neater
      solution is to get engineers to link the city to the
      ocean with a series of sea ports. Of course there are
      practical limits as to how many ports you want to
      chain together to build a sea lane although in theory
      the game imposes no limits. You could build hundreds
      of them if you wanted to and create a sort of Panama,
      Suez or Kiel Canal. But I have found often, just one
      port will open a sea passage from such cities.

      This trick of building ports can also be used to
      create a seaway across a continent by building the
      ports at the narrowest part of the continent. It’s a
      sneaky way of moving whole navies and transports
      through passages an enemy cannot use.

      The other point about land locked cities producing
      heavy ships is you can surround such strategic cities
      with armour, anti aircraft and heavy artillery unit to
      protect them against enemy attack or capture.

      In terms of how tough an opponent the AI player is, I
      don't think it is any weaker than EDIE or ED. In some
      ways it is tougher as it has more units to play with
      in edee.

      I think over the next few months those who like to
      modify will start to produce new AI scripts that will
      provide even tougher opponents. Mark was limited by
      time and the fact he alone worked on the code. Now
      there are dozens of people out there making changes to
      specific areas such as units, maps and tactics.

      The AI script is quite readable you could even draw up
      a set of engagement rules which I am sure someone here
      could help you implement in your own AI scripts. In
      fact all the things you like about ED and EDIE could
      potentially be strengthened or even added back to the
      game, if in fact they had really been deleted. Don’t
      forget to make backup copies of files you change
      before you start hacking ;->

      Hope this ramble gives you some ideas to play with -


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