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2951EDEE and specialties

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  • barryem
    Feb 1, 2005
      I'm finding that a lot of the specialties of the cities don't make
      sense in the new version. For example, landlocked cities that
      speccialize in battleships. I don't recall that happening in the
      older versions unless there was a small spot of adjacent water but
      it's common in EDEE.

      Yesterday I began a game where I was on a fairly large island among
      continents and I had only one city and it was landlocked. The
      interesting thing was this was a screen sized map with 100 cities,
      just for a change of pace.

      I'm also finding that the other civilizations don't try very hard.
      Games are no challange at all. In earlier versions I always played
      head to head against the computer and it was challanging but now I'm
      playing a 3 player game and still there's no challange. I've tried
      a 4 player game but it was as easy. Basically the computer doesn't
      try to spread out.

      I hope work is being done on this stuff. I like this game a lot. I
      think playing against a real person would be great but I'm used to
      playing against the computer.

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