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2705RE: [empire-deluxe] Re: Poor AI and poor computer strength allocation

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  • Gryphin Rampant
    Oct 4, 2004
      I guess if someone wanted to test it all they would have to do is setup a scenario that would generate as many battles of what ever type they would like to test and keep track of the results.
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      > There's a phenomenon worth considering, which I'll call
      the "stacked
      > deck" syndrome, that's attributable to EDxE but could be endemic to
      > computer game with a (pseudo)random number generator. It's more
      > psychological than technological. If a player has a run of bad luck
      in a
      > game, they may get to thinking that the game is actually stacked
      > them, or that there's a programming bug in the game, in the OS, in
      > hardware, etc., or that there's an "undocumented feature" that
      > the AI to cheat or have the odds go in its favor from time to time.

      Well, maybe the computer player is having this problem.  I know I'm
      not. :)

      I'm winning easily against the AI.  I don't think I'm having a run of
      bad luck, although I agree that could account for it in individual
      battles.  I don't think so but I can't really say for sure.  I think
      I've played enough already to eliminate that.  But who knows.

      I've been playing the 3.5 game and I just tried the 3.1 game for a
      few minutes. Too soon to be sure but I seemed to find some of the old
      and some of the new.  But I didn't play long enough to know that I
      was seeing real patterns.

      I did play with the battle calculator (nice feature, by the way) and
      that shows me that I'm either right in part of what I'm saying or
      I've always been wrong about the old game.  The odds are essentially
      even for the attacker on clear ground attacking a similar piece.  I'm
      pretty sure that wasn't the case in the old game.  I've learned over
      the years that I can do much better by letting the computer attack
      me.  That's been an important strategy.  In emergencies, when I can't
      take the chance on waiting, I've found that I lose by attacking more
      often than not by far.

      I also downloaded a sheet of battle odds that someone claimed to have
      accumulated over a few years (I think it was years) of ladder games
      and my memory of that is that he said the defender had a significant
      advantage, as well.  I might have that file in my archives somewhere
      but I haven't looked yet.  I'm preparing to move and some things are
      already packed so I might not find it till next month if I still have



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