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2702Re: [empire-deluxe] Re: Poor AI and poor computer strength allocation

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  • David M. Bott
    Oct 4, 2004
      At 12:48 PM 10/4/2004, you wrote:
      >The truth is that I'm not much of a game player. This is the one
      >game that's stayed fun for me. For the most part I've enjoyed trying
      >out other games from time to time and soon gotten bored with them.
      >Empire and Minesweeper and Tetris are the only ones I've ever come
      >back to. And sometimes Age of Empires. Empire is the only one I've
      >truly stayed with.

      FWIW, the original Railroad Tycoon was right there for me with the games
      you mention. It still beats all the other later fancy ones with eye-candy
      because it's FUN. The others may be MORE realistic, but who wants that in
      a past time? I didn't become a business executive in real life and the
      closer to "real" the game gets, the more I find I don't want to be one in
      game life either. Same with war. I don't want to have to be the person
      making the command decisions that gets people killed. ED and EDIE are fun
      to play because they exercise the mind at a level that doesn't necessarily
      drain you as the real life version would do.

      I hope you find a version that keeps you happily occupied in your
      retirement! I find EDIE is that game for me, but your mileage may vary. I
      find the game has ways to keep me entertained by varying the density of
      cities, by changing terrain emphasis in map building and by varying the
      number of opponents. But of course, those are my tastes and interests. I
      hadn't noticed any differences in defender success in the past, but then
      again, I probably have a different style of play that de-emphasizes that
      issue. Best of luck and thanks for bringing out something new to discuss!

      David M. Bott david.m.bott@...
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