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2693Poor AI and poor computer strength allocation

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  • barryem
    Oct 3, 2004
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      I've been playing Empire now for a week or so with the new game and
      while I really like some of the new interface features, I have to say
      that overall I'm pretty disappointed. I wish I could go back to
      playing the old 3.1 version. This is just not a lot of fun.

      The computer player is a poor player even on expert level. I usually
      beat the computer player in the old game but I had to work at it.
      Now I just have to go through the motions and not do anything really
      dumb and I win easily. Bad!

      But worse of all are the way the strengths have changed. For
      example, the defending infantry used to have the edge when it was in
      a city. Now it seems random. Before, artillery had an edge over
      infantry but not anymore. And before, equals in a battle favored the
      defender, now not.

      This makes strategy pretty haphazard. Now I win by just not doing
      anything dumb because I know the computer player will do plenty of
      dumb things. It's just no challange anymore. Come on, guys! Fix

      Frankly, if I'd been wise enough to play the demo a while before I
      bought this I wouldn't have bought it. But I saw what seemed to be
      the same as the old game and I could play it on XP and I paid. Live
      and learn.

      I was about to get rid of my old Win98 laptop but I guess I'll keep
      it and just play 3.1 on it. It's too bad. I much prefer it on my
      19" monitor. But that's life.

      It's obvious that the programmers put a lot of work and a lot of
      thought into the new game. But it seems to be just for real people.
      All the goodies for a challanging game against the computer are
      gone. Why?

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