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206[empire-deluxe] Re: Password question...

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  • Bob Jackson
    Nov 14, 1999
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      Chris Ross wrote:
      > Hello,
      > This is strange question and I hope none of my Empire competitors think I'm
      > trying to cheat.
      > Is there any way to recover a Empire password?
      > I'm in a six player game and one of the players has forgotten his password.
      > Yeah, I know. We should have had a password keeper. Well we didn't. :\
      > Any assistance would be appreciated.

      I imagine that you could crack it with enough time, computing power
      and encryption know-how. I sincerly hope that you don't attempt it.
      This game has suffered enough from those who exploit it's
      security weaknesses. There is no single game worth risking this
      kind of exposure. While your motives may be above reproach, we have
      all seen that there are some who would take this knowledge and use
      it in less than honorable ways. Scrap the game, start a new one
      (with a password keeper) and write it off as tuition for a good
      lesson in game management.

      Bob J.
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