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204[empire-deluxe] Re: Password question...

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  • Roto
    Nov 11, 1999
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      I ahve seen that people think they forgot their password, but in reality it
      got changed somehow, like a corruption. I had this happen to me in a 2
      player game.

      At 01:29 PM 11/10/99 -0800, Ironhat, Glenn wrote:
      >>Instead of saying "game over" in a 6-player, I think it might be more
      >accurate to say >"start over". You can't go on with one player down, so you
      >have to start again. Just >so long as the offending player takes a severe
      >beating for this, and remembers next >time to use his mother's name for a
      >password!! -- III
      >They might be able to start the same game over, but I doubt that they would
      >want to. It depends how far along they are.
      >So if it is the case that they don't want to start over, that game is over.
      >Anyway I was just playing the phrase from arcade games (you know it's over
      >when you see "GAME OVER") and combining with the line from the Aliens movie.
      >But it's not funny if you have to explain it so just forget it. :-P
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