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1962Re: [empire-deluxe] Re: You Really Know You are Addicted to EDIE when...

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  • Matthias
    Jun 3, 2003
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      rtyo348985@... wrote:

      > I had to laugh when reading those.
      > One time I had the game at work (In hidden files....LOL). My boss
      > suspected something and had someone delete all the hidden files on my
      > computer. Needless to say, the computer didn't work anymore. I raised
      > such a fuss, I got a new computer out of it and he doesn't bother me
      > anymore.

      Ah, an example of having a little -- but incomplete -- computer
      knowledge being a dangerous thing.


      Matthias of the Far Woods (matthew shelton)
      E-mail: matthias_mls@...
      AIM: MatthiasFW
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