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170[empire-deluxe] Empire Deluxe.

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  • David M. Bott
    Aug 1, 1999
      I'm not sure how this can be done without hacking into the config file.
      Does Mark Kinkead's utility allow changing the service branch?


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      >Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 23:57:52 -0400 (EDT)
      >From: Tom Bella <bellat@...>
      >To: edpbem.bott@...
      >Subject: Empire Deluxe.
      >Hello, I saw your FAQ n pbem Empire Deluxe. This is a favorite game of
      >mine, and I plan to play remotely soon. Anyway, your FAQ said to email
      >you with other questions, and I've had one for a while, so I thought I'd
      >try you. Do you know how to change your branch of service? Like when the
      >cmputer gives you promotions? I can only get Army ranks. Do you know how
      >to get Naval ranks, or others like Air Force(prolly same as Army..) Any
      >information you have on this subject would be appreciated.
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