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1431Re: [empire-deluxe] E2 Art of War, Iraq

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  • Striker
    Feb 6, 2003
              Leo  (Striker)
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      Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 2:38 AM
      Subject: [empire-deluxe] E2 Art of War, Iraq

      After investing several hundred hours I have an E2 scenario for Iraq,
      with OOB and TOE current as of 2/3/03, (Iraqi 5th Corps
      redeployed to Mosul, Iraqi 3rd and 4th Corps pulled back north of the
      Euphrates), within limits imposed by the software engine. Coalition
      include 3rd INF, 1st AD (Brit), TF Ironhorse (4th INF, 1st AD, 1st
      CAV, 101st/82nd AB), 1st MAR, 2nd MAR, 10 TFWs, ~50 Lancers and ~20

      The scenario assumes the use of Turkish, Jordanian (Israel and
      Eastern Med basing), and Kuwaiti airspace, ground unit passage through
      Turkey, and ground unit basing in Kuwait and Kurdland, which
      represents the current situation as best as public access information
      currently allows.

      The map is to scale, 7 miles per grid square, the unit movement,
      combat range, and range fire ranges are to the same scale, except all
      aircraft movement ranges are at 50% per software limitations. Relative
      unit weighting is calculated from a base provided by the OPFOR S2 at
      Ft. Irwin, California, Jane's, etc.

      Unit types include CV, Tico Class Cruiser, E3C/JSTAR, F-16 (JSOW & Aim
      9M), B2B (JSOW & JDAM), B1B (JSOW & JDAM), AH-64,
      Patriot/SA-2/Sentinel, Silkworm 802-C, TLAM/Scud, M-109, M1/T-72/M3,
      INF, MLRS, etc.

      Playability is good on a Duron 1300 w/128 MB ram, and earlier version
      with only slightly fewer units had good stability on a P-200 w/ 96 MB
      ram. The scenario gives a good feel for operational and terrain issues
      expected over the next few months, with the exception of logistical
      issues which the code doesn't support very well.

      If anyone wants a copy, reply here or by e-mail.

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