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1230Re: [empire-deluxe] head-to-head, Strategic Conquest-style bombers, and more players

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  • genspanky@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2003

      In a message dated 1/1/03 2:28:26 AM, matthewbeh@... writes:

      2) Anyone remember playing Strategic Conquest on the
      Mac?   That was actually my introduction to Empire.
      There was one different type of unit: the (strategic)
      bomber.   Such a bomber could be used to hit either a
      unit or a city; the resulting hit (always a hit, 100%
      success rate) would destroy every unit within the
      blast radius, even friendly units, and turn any cities
      to neutral, including friendly cities.   And the blast
      radius would increment over time, such that a bomber
      produced during, say, the first 10 turns would have a
      radius of 2, then one during turns 11-20 would have a
      radius of 3, and so on.   In academic and arms-control
      jargon, this kind of tool is called very
      "destabilizing."  Still, it's pretty fun.  It's not
      too far outside the keep of WW2-level technology as
      embodied in Empire -- just consider it August,
      1945-level WW2 technology.  You could make it an

      Hi All,

      I still play Strategic Conquest. I love the bombers! This is the number one thing I would love to see in Empire deluxe. It's so much fun to vaporize a city!


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