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1013Re: [empire-deluxe] Looking to start a game - multiplayer - but with new rules

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  • Matthew Shelton
    Oct 12, 2002
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      It's sensible to set up any ED game with some mutually agreed-upon
      victory conditions or conditions under which a player may forfeit the game.

      For example, if someone maintains control of a certain percentage of
      cities on the map as verified by the password keeper, he could be
      declared the winner by default ... the participants may also agree on a
      maximum number of players remaning for a default winner to be declared.
      A game with four or more players remaining is still a toss-up unless one
      person has somehow taken more than 3/4ths of the map with three
      opponents still in the game.

      Two players total - 75% or more
      Three players total - 67% or more
      Four players total - 50% or more (outcome is questionable since four
      little guys can bring down one big guy in a four-front war if they all
      agree to gang up on him)
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