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578Dickinson's biography: Who was her masculine "King"?

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  • dickinson1890
    Mar 20, 2011

      Hi, Dickinsonians,

      Emily Dickinson wrote,

      "A little Madness in the Spring,
      Is wholesome even for the King...."

      So, Dickinsonians worldwide wish to be worldwise and want to know,
      who was her masculine "King"? In *capital letters* no less, she
      gave us her *Master's* name, in the first line of poem 1333, in a letter
      of many, at least one hundred or more now known, that she sent
      her confidante Elizabeth Holland, her friend of the years and her
      go-between who lived nearby *him* in Springfield, Massachusetts,
      since at least 1852, three years prior to the start of the bulk of
      her love poems:

      S Spring
      A A
      M Madness

      and what of this "Madness" in "Spring" they brought to each other?
      Some call it *LOVE*!!! Sort of accounts for the secret love poems.
      Sort of accounts for the *S-I-M-P-L-I-C-I-T-Y* of her easily seen
      encryption of the name of her secret love!

      We are still on square one: love :)

      Bill Arnold

      Bill Arnold
      MFA, U-Mass, Amherst
      Dickinson Scholar
      Independent Scholar
      Independent Scholar, Modern Language Association
      Professor of world literature classics
      Author, EMILY DICKINSON'S SECRET LOVE: Mystery "Master" Behind
      230 pages, 1998.
      ISBN 1-892582-00-7

      "There is magic in the web" Shakespeare (Othello, Act 3, Scene 4)